Collection: Baule

The Baule are an ethnic group in Ivory Coast known for their unique artistic traditions. Baule art is renowned for its beauty and has been widely recognized for its aesthetic and cultural significance. Baule art can be found in a variety of forms, including sculpture, masks, textiles, and pottery.

One of the most famous forms of Baule art is the Goli mask. The Goli mask is a wooden helmet mask that is worn during a ritual dance performed by men. The mask is characterized by its elongated features and geometric designs and is often decorated with beads, cowrie shells, and other materials. The Goli mask is believed to represent the spirit of the forest and is used to honor and communicate with the ancestors.

Another important form of Baule art is the sculpture. Known for its realism and attention to detail, it often depicts human figures, animals, and mythical creatures. Baule sculptures are made from a variety of materials and often used in religious ceremonies and rituals, as well as for personal use and decoration.