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Sketch painted by Irena Klonek

Sketch painted by Irena Klonek

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A compelling sketch painted by Irena Klonek, skillfully executed with chalk and gouache paint on white paper, presenting a captivating still-life study. The main focus of the artwork is a saddle, featuring a dynamic interplay of dark blue, olive green and white with subtle touches of yellow.

The saddle dominates the composition with its dark blue and white hues. Irena Klonek's attention to detail is evident in the meticulous rendering, capturing the texture and form of the saddle. The focal point of the composition is a stirrup, intricately depicted with colors of white, black, and blue. Tied up with the stirrup leather, which is white or left unfinished, this arrangement creates a harmonious balance of colors and shapes on the left side of the composition. On the right side of the composition, a yellow, white, and grey life belt rests, introducing a contrasting set of colors that adds visual interest and balance to the overall scene. The background, intentionally left unfinished, allows the viewer to focus on the still-life arrangement. The top right corner is untouched, providing a sense of openness and simplicity.

Irena Klonek's expertise with chalk and gouache on white paper is evident in this still-life study. The carefully chosen color palette, the dynamic arrangement of the saddle and accessories, and the balance between finished and unfinished elements contribute to the overall visual impact of this captivating artwork.

The sketch is stuck onto a larger thicker piece of paper.

Dimensions: 74 cm x 92 cm

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