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Figure of an Oni, in the style of Ife

Figure of an Oni, in the style of Ife

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A bronze sculpture of an Ooni (Oba), who shows the traditional signs of dignity that the king wore during the classical period: a crown, a heavy pearl necklace around the neck, another chain hanging from the neck to the knees and a net of fine strings of pearls with two knots in the middle covering the naked chest. In his left hand he's holding a sign of authority representing a ram's horn filled with magical substances called "ashe" and in his right hand a sceptre whose archetype is made of pearls and cloth, both symbols of his authority and power. He also wears wide bracelets around his wrists. He has got a small, gently bulging belly. His robe, over which his belly bulges has a sloping hem. The face is round and full and very even with an expression of calm serenity and quiet dignity. The head of this figure measures more than a quarter of the figures´ length, a proportion that is particularly characteristic of West African sculpture; oxidised bronze. TL Analysis on request.

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Height: 58cm
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