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Die Wiederkehr des Doppelgängers / Le changement par le retour / Belated doubling

Die Wiederkehr des Doppelgängers / Le changement par le retour / Belated doubling

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When a doppelganger departs from its original and returns after some time, its physique is no longer identical to that at the time of its departure.
The underlying idea was enriched by an encounter with sculptures, twin sculptures from central African regions.
These sculptures are made for ritual customs.
In a certain ethnic group, for example, the meaning of shadow and double are combined in one word.
This expresses the fact that a person casts a shadow. But it is also used to describe a light reflection on a water surface or a mirror reflection.
It is interpreted as an extension of ourselves, as inseparable companions, and so these sculptures also serve as talismans.
Opposition and conjunction, divided and united, a dualistic world view, a founding myth, underlie the ritual acts.
The birth of twins is interpreted in this ethnic group as a repetition of the beginning of time.

Wenge wood, inscribed, signed and dated on the plywood transport box.
Year of manufacture: 2018
Height: 60 cm x Width: 30 cm x Length: 22 cm


These sculptures are part of a series that invites us to reflect on the theme of "couples".
At first glance, they do not appear to be a pair, because they are laid out like a kind of plug-in system.
They consist of two elements that together form a common shape,
which gives them stability.
The existence of one element conditions the existence of the other.
They lean against each other or are interlocked like a plug-in system.
The works are inspired by sources of very different kinds:
E.g. from scientific concepts from mathematics, theoretical mechanics, ethnology, literature and film, which lead to poetic-sounding titles.

About the titles:
The trilingual titles bring out a peculiarity of the German language, namely that words such as NACHTEIL or VORBILD, consisting of a ratio word,
a preposition and the noun, the substantive, with the hoped-for poetic aura of the physical, cannot be translated into other languages at all.
This is especially evident in the title: „Der Nachteil des Vorbilds" one becomes helpless as a translator because the special aura of the German terms is completely lost in translation.

That is why we have taken the titles in English or French or even in other languages as additional, lyrical forms rather than as technical translations.
Incidentally, this applies to all the titles that K+H use.

* Term from mathematics
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