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Contemporary artwork by Serge Anoumou

Contemporary artwork by Serge Anoumou

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Contemporary artwork by Serge Anoumou, who endows his sculptures with intense colours, gifted at assembling and recycling, breathes new life into materials such as loincloth or fabric, woollen thread or rope, using them to create his large, complex sculptures.

Serge Anoumou is a visual artist of Togolese nationality who lives and works in Lomé.

"For me, the artistic profession plays an important role in society. And when I see the beautiful Vodou ladies, the traditional chiefs and not to forget the young Adangbe (ADJIFOSSI) girls in puberty, wearing the beads around their bodies. For me, it is a beauty and this culture has motivated me to appreciate this beauty," the artist comments on his works.

4.000 - 5.000,- Euro

Height: 69 cm
Weight: ca. 90 kg

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