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Chucky Movie Poster

Chucky Movie Poster

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Chucky Movie Poster by the most famous Movie-Picture Painter Mr. Brew.

photo wj, portrait of Mr. Brew.

Doesn't this historical “remembering” of a near past awaken in Pasolini’s buccaneering letters, in which he wrote that what "is not loved is doomed to irreparable destruction"? There are still living witnesses who could report "what it was like back then" when the posters of Mr. Brew and other movie artists were in the... Saw the poster and then decided to go to a cinema that has now become a "lost object" in an art history that has not yet been written.

"The serial killer Charles Lee Ray is shot by policeman Mike on the run and flees into a toy shop. He was shot again and seriously injured. He is aware that he will die, and he picks up a lifelike toy doll in the shop. On this he performs a magical ritual that conjures up a thunderstorm with lightning and thunder, destroys the store and apparently kills him.

The little Andy Barclay receives one of the coveted “good-guy” dolls from his mother for his sixth birthday. These are popular because the dolls have a special speaking function, so that you can seem to talk to them. The mother had succeeded in getting one last doll from a dubious figure at an excessive price, which was apparently recovered from the destroyed shop. The boy is very happy about his new playmate, but does not suspect that the spirit of the murderer continues to live in this doll, which he transferred to this doll shortly before his violent death.

On the night of Andy's birthday, Chucky Andy's babysitter murders because she doesn't want to watch him the news where Charles Lee Ray's death is reported, by snatching her eye with a toy-frame hammer, after which she plunges from a window on the fifth floor to her. In a conversation with his mother, Andy tells her that Chucky told him that his real name was Charles Lee Ray. He also expresses very derogatory things about his murdered babysitter, which Chucky is said to have told him. Andy's mother is very angry with it and assumes that he is lying. The next day, Andy goes on the way with Chucky to the hiding place of Chucky accomplice Eddy Caputo. This is caused by a gas explosion from a gas stove by Chucky murdered" more on Wikipedia.

Height: 125 cm
Widht: 110 cm
Weight: 180 g

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