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Black Pope movie poster

Black Pope movie poster

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A poster by famous movie-picture Painter Mr. Brew, depicting a grey green goat, standing on its four legs, large ears, horns, and the face of a human, with a slight odd expression on it, above is written in gothic letters Black Pope, the boarders of the poster are red, the background is blue; signs of use, the folds have taken some color away.

Doesn't this historical “remembering” of a near past awaken in Pasolini’s buccaneering letters, in which he wrote that what "is not loved is doomed to irreparable destruction"? There are still living witnesses who could report "what it was like back then" when the posters of Mr. Brew and other movie artists were in the... Saw the poster and then decided to go to a cinema that has now become a "lost object" in an art history that has not yet been written.

Height: 115 cm
Width: 106 cm
Weight: 270 g

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