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An bronze head in the style of Benin

An bronze head in the style of Benin

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An unusual bronze head in the Benin style, thin-walled and also with an animal - a fragmentary snail - on the hairstyle. (cf. Benin.Head with a pather on top) The neck covered with a coral cuff. The mouth wide open. The almond-shaped eyes and the scarifications on the forehead were originally provided with iron inlays, remnants of which appear to still be present in the inlays on the forehead. Crack-shaped erosions on the left side of the head, missing iron inlays and smaller defects on the nose and mouth as well as on the right side and only a fragmentary snail on top do not detract from the expressive beauty of this rare, bronze head in the Benin style. TL Analysis is available on request.

The form of the ears is probably the most important "graph" to identitfy similarties. of the same sculptor or its workshop.

Height: 29 cm
Weight: 2,3 kg

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