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An outstanding terracotta head -“Ori”

An outstanding terracotta head -“Ori”

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An outstanding terracotta head -“Ori”,  the Yoruba term for head - in the style of Ife, of hollowed form. Several small cracks and remnants of glue inside the sculpture. But in general of good condition. Possibly the head represents the usurper Lajuwa, who usurped the throne of Ife after the death of Oni Avorokolokin.

In any case, the finely worked "crown" indicates that it is an Oni of Ife that is shown here. An excellent copy, showing the high degree of realism characteristic of Ife Art, which can only be compared to the realism of ancient Egyptian art.

However, a historical connection between the two cultures has not yet been proven.

Are we painting what's on the face, behind it, or inside it?” Pablo Picasso.

“Western viewers of Ife art long have been struck by the remarkable features of naturalism in Ife works: This Naturalism is evident in both the rendering of facial features and the approach to body surfaces...Some ancient Ife artworks are so naturalistic that they fooled onlookers into believing they were real living humans... Even the most naturalistic Ife sculptures however also incorporate a range of stylized elements and conventions that make them distinctively “Ife” in form. These stylized features include the distinctive almond-shaped and pupil-less eyes (the latter often with circumscribing lines), a general lack of facial hair (including eyebrows), a formulaic rendering of ear..”

Suzanne Preston Blier, Art and Risk in Ancient Yoruba, page 158 ff.

Lit: Frank Willet, Ife, Die Bronzen vom Wunmonije Compound, Seite 25, Tafel 11.

Height: 18 cm without stand.
Weight: 1,2 kg

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