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An outstanding Jukun sculpture

An outstanding Jukun sculpture

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An outstanding Jukun sculpture with elements of the Mumuye stylistic canon, the neighbours of the Jukun, close to the Benue river, greyish encrusted patina, partly weathered, nearly invisible repairs on both ears.

"Within the body of figurative shrine sculptures that Arnold Rubin documented in northern Jukun communities, the examples he saw along the southern Taraba and northern Wase rivers, tributaries of the Benue, are distinctive enough to be considered a separate subgenre. In his Memoir" Rubin described the sculpture from the village of Wourbon Daudu, located along the Taraba River, as representing the "nuclear style" of Jukun figurative carving, Having had the opportunity to see many more examples than Rubin did during his lifetime, we argue here, that there was not a single "nuclear" style but rather several substyles that can be identified with particular Jukun town located north and south of the Benue river." Central Nigeria unmasked, Arts of the Benue River Valley, which are also influenced by other tribes in the region of the Taraba State, Nigeria.


Height: 87 cm
Weight: 6,2 kg

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