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A Yoruba Veranda Post

A Yoruba Veranda Post

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A Veranda post most likely by Agbonbiofe Adeshina (Efon-Alaye, c. 1880 - 1945). It seems to be an early work, we suggest a date well before 1912. The figures are not yet as "sharp-edged" as in his later work, the heads are still somewhat rounder and do not yet sit on the later gently curved neck. Everything seems a little squat, but Adeshina's very special expression is already clearly discernible. It is the curved hairline resp. head crest, the pursed lips, the horses' "knobbly" nose, their small ears, the beaded bridle. It is extremely unusual that the king was depicted twice on top of each other on a veranda post. This form of depiction is utterly unique. A truly special piece in a beautiful state of preservation.

Agbonbiofe Adeshina also carved the posts for the Yoruba royal palace in Efon-Alaye (1912-1916), where they supported the roof of a veranda lining the king’s reception courtyard.

"The sculptor Agbonbiofe was the most prominent of the Adeshina family of artists from the town of Efon-Alaaye, during the first decades of the 20th century." Saint Louis Art Museum

"Most of the African master carvers remain unidentified. But some artists are known and are still remembered and celebrated today. Agbonbiofe, a member of the famous Adeshina carver family, is one of them." Minneapolis Institute of Art

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Other pieces by Agbonbiofe Adeshina can be found at:
Minneapolis Institute of Art
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The Cleveland Museum of Art
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