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A vibrant abstract work by Irena Klonek

A vibrant abstract work by Irena Klonek

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A vibrant and abstract still life study by Irena Klonek, realized with gouache paint on paper. The central focus of the artwork is a saddle, where a palette of colors and dynamic brushstrokes create an energetic composition.

The saddle is a combination of hues, with main colors including purple, lillac, white, light blue, pink, dark green, and subtle browns. Irena Klonek's expressive style comes alive as she captures the essence of the saddle with bold and gestural brushstrokes. A close-up of a stirrup steals attention, painted in serene white and light blue tones. The stirrup is tied up with a leather strap, featuring colors of white, red, and blue, the leather is punctuated with black holes, adding an element of intrigue and contrast to the composition, resting over the main saddle flap. The entire arrangement becomes a captivating blend of form and color, where the background contributes to the abstract nature of the painting, featuring a multitude of colors in a state of confusion. Green shades, along with rough brushstrokes, enhance the abstract quality of the background, creating a dynamic and visually stimulating backdrop.

Irena Klonek's masterful use of gouache paint on paper results in an abstract still life that invites viewers to appreciate the lively interplay of colors, textures, and shapes. The punctured stirrup leather and the vibrant saddle take center stage in this composition, offering a unique and engaging visual experience.

The sketch is stuck onto a larger thicker piece of paper.

Dimensions: 96 cm x 75 cm

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