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A Still study by Irena Klonek

A Still study by Irena Klonek

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A study of a still done by Irena Klonek, of a gouache sketch composed of vibrant abstract shapes and forms. At its center lies a captivating clasp, a focal point amidst the lively chaos of knots and strings. The colors dance across the canvas—red vermillion ignites the scene, while beige, gold and olive green add depth and warmth. Then yellow bursts forth with exuberance, intermingling with shades of light and dark blue creating intensity while it underlines some aspects of the piece. The strokes of the brush are alive, a symphony of movement and vitality. This study of a still life captures a whirlwind of colors and strokes that calls upon and invigorates the senses.

The drawings is stuck to a more sturdy piece of paper for strength.

Medium: gouache, crayon on paper

Dimensions: 74 cm x 1,3 m

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