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A so called "Colon-Sculpture" of Kilite Noufe

A so called "Colon-Sculpture" of Kilite Noufe

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A so-called "Colon-Sculpture" of Kilite Noufe, heavy, hard Sankolo or Karité wood; greyish, aged patina.

1600 - 2.000,- Euro

Height 58 cm
Weight: 2,9 kg

Lobi-Catalogue Rainer Greschik, 2016, Werkgruppe 7, with several good sculptures we sold in the past., other important sculptures in the Nocetti- and the Howlett-Collection and in the MET New York.

Kilite Noufe

So called "Colon Figures" of Kilite Noufe, the right one with a pencil under his arm, sybolizing that he is able "to write", an addon which isn´t done by the carver: "The fetisher made this!" explained Kilite.

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