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A round, one-piece standing drum on four legs

A round, one-piece standing drum on four legs

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A round, one-piece standing drum on four legs, made of hard, heavy wood. The resonating body is located under the upper animal skin covering. Around the drum is a relief with abstract depictions of mythological content relating to the earth goddess "Onile". These drums, called "Agba", were considered sacred objects and were only used for ritual ceremonies. An interesting object with good use patina and some age damage.

For the Yoruba people Onile is the goddess of the earth, who plays a major role especially for the Ògbóni Federation, a religious association in southwestern Nigeria. There, ancestors and founding mothers and fathers are understood and celebrated as earth spirits. \nHer name means either "mistress of the earth" (oni = possession and ilè = ground, land, ilè ayé means "world") or "mistress of the house" (ilé = house, home, building). \nOnile thus also regulates the political affairs of the people. The veneration of the fertility of Mother Earth Onile is one of the essential secrets of the Ògbóni covenant; all life comes from her, the deceased return to her womb.

2.600 - 3.000,- Euro

Height: 62 cm

Diameter: 41 cm

Weight: 8,3 kg

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