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A remarkable Senufo maternity

A remarkable Senufo maternity

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A remarkable Senufo maternity of the Boundiali region, about 100 km westwards from Korhogo, seated on a four-leg stool, holding two children on her knees, an elaborated, striated hairdress beneath a fascial plane with bulging eyes and a small pointed mouth, showing the teeth, the tapering, big breasts framed by rectangular shoulders, ending up in open work arms; various brownish to occre patina. There are only three examples of this sculpture/carver known in official publications.

Over the years we collected two other sculptures of the same carver or its workshop from the Boudiali region.


senufo maternity of the Boudiali region 

A sculpture of the same carver/workshop collected around 2008 close to Boundiali.

4.200 - 4.800,- Euro

Height: 71 cm

Weight: 10,6 kg

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