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A portrait sketch by Irena Klonek

A portrait sketch by Irena Klonek

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A delicately crafted sketch by Irena Klonek, depicting a study of a face expertly rendered with pencil on paper. The sketch captures a three-quarter view, showcasing the artist's skill in conveying subtleness and emotion through the facial features.

The lines in the sketch vary in thickness, adding a dynamic quality to the overall composition. Some thicker lines define the contours of the face, providing structure and emphasizing certain aspects of the expression. Meanwhile, very thin lines delicately suggest the subtle nuances of the facial features, highlighting the delicacy and intricacy of the subject's lips, nose, and eyes. The lips are depicted with a delicate touch, capturing their softness and form. The nose and eyes are rendered with precision, conveying a vivid and energetic expression. Irena Klonek's technique allows for a nuanced portrayal of the subject's emotions, creating a sense of depth and realism. The sketch is a study in balance, as the artist has intentionally left parts of the sketch unfinished, allowing the viewer to appreciate the raw and expressive nature of the creative process.

This sketch shows Irena Klonek's ability to infuse life into her subjects, capturing both the subtleties and the vivacity of a facial expression with the use of pencil on paper.

Sketch glued on a thicker piece of paper, four stains on each corner due to old tape.

Dimensions: 78 cm x 56 cm
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