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A pair of large Mambila veranda posts

A pair of large Mambila veranda posts

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A pair of large Mambila veranda posts from Northeast Nigeria, each post piling a particular type of figure three times, the lowest figure standing on a circular base with slightly bent legs and masculine genitalia, angled arms extending from square shoulders, hands coming together in front of the chest, the facial physiognomy is similar in all figures of the two poles: a massive head with a heart-shaped face, elliptical carved outlines of the eyes, a short nose and an open mouth with indicated teeth. The characteristic Mambila hairstyle consists of inserted wooden or metal pegs, the ears are carved red pigmented triangles, made of hardwood with age cracks; Brownish partially encrusted patina.

These are the first porch posts known in the literature. They come from a palace in the border region of Nigeria and Cameroon. Posts of this type and size were apparently influenced by Yoruba and Bamum/Bamileke architecture and are believed to date from the first half of the 20th century to have arisen.

The Mambila are a small agricultural working tribe in north-eastern Nigeria, bordering Cameroon.

According to Kerchache (1990: 144), Mambila "religious life centres around ancestor worship. Every village has an ancestor hut that is entrusted to the care of the elder. It is built of stilts and has an image called 'Baltu' displayed on its front wall which shows a man and a woman holding a net which is used for catching birds or fish. The ancestor figures of the Mambila are kept in such nets. These figures are carved out of very soft wood and painted with red, white and black pigments. They are called tadep or tadep dia (figures that measure 30 cm or more)."

Jacques Kerchache, les chefs-d'œuvre du monde entier naissent libres et égaux, éd. Adam Biro, 1990.

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Height: 218 cm each
Weight: 25 kg each (incl. metal stand)


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