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A Mumuye sculpture

A Mumuye sculpture

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A Mumuye sculpture, standing on short legs flattened on each side, tilted in steps, the columnar torso with large tapering navel, framed by fin-like arms, slightly curved inwards, shoulders and hips correspond to each other in their strong, rounded shape, a thick cylindrical neck supports a helmet-like head, crowned by a sagittal crest, flanked on both sides by a cascading design, the triangular fascial plane with fine, concentrated fascial features; dark surface on reddish pigment primer, heavey hard wood with hair cracks particularly in the lower part of the statue, a larger age crack in the helmet-like part of the figure, but in general of excellent condition, no significant repairs, incl.stand and certificate of origin and provenance.

At the end of this photosequnce a Mumuye sculpture collected in the same region of North East Nigeria.

Henry Moore, drawing 1920th, British Museum, last photo.


Height: 94 cm
Weight: 9,2 kg

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