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A male Senufo Rhythmpounder

A male Senufo Rhythmpounder

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A male Senufo Rhythmpounder (Déblé), provenance close to Boudiali, village Nafou. Uprising from a cylindrical base with straight shortened legs, the openwork arms carved beside a slender body with a small pointed navel, the columnar neck supporting a zoomorphic head with a prominent jutting snout, wearing a domed single crested coiffure, scarification patterns around the navel; aged patina, the neck, the arms and the base of the statue with significant signs of use in form of an intensive touch-patina, the sculpture is still in the original condition like it was collected in situ, the base has several age-cracks but in general the sculpture is in good condition.

Lit.: Gottschalk, Kunst aus Schwarz Afrika, Senufo, Band 3, S. 179.

Origin of the heritage of M. Cabinet, Bouaké, one of the most well-known collectors and tribal art dealers in Ivory Coast, in particular for the Senufo, similar to Amadou Bouaflé, Abidjan for the Baule and Guro part of the country.

Height: 133 cm
Weight: 7,1 kg

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