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A Lobi sculpture

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A Lobi sculpture, of the workshop Tyoehepthe Pale, Burkina Faso, standing block-shaped feet, in an upright position, elongated legs with flattened sides, a tapering torso with a rounded navel, triangular breasts, flattened short arms carved close to the body, a short, thick neck supports a cylindrical, slightly inclined head, a pointed chin beneath a broad mouth, a triangle nose framed by bulging coffee-bean eyes, flattened oval ears; brown patina with traces of age, kaolin sacrifications at the front side, remnants of chicken feathers, several cracks and holes, partly eroded, incl. stand.

Lit.: Wolfgang Jaenicke, Excerpt of an interview with Palinfoté Palé, Wolfgang Jaenicke, Bericht vom österlichen Treffen alter Lobi-Hasen in Berlin, Wolfgang Jaenicke, The uncle of Tyohepthe Pale, G'Borusson Pale a blog by Wolfgang Jaenicke/Paul Howlett

300 - 400,- euro

Height: 57,5 cm

Weight: 2,6 kg