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A Lobi couple of Bimtiote Dah

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A Lobi couple of Bimtiote Dah, 1920 - 1990, living most time of his life close to Bouna (now Ivory Coast) and Sansana (departement Gaoua), the informations about his Life were verified by his son, who is still living as a fetisher in the village of his family. The Infuence of Bimiote Dah for a workshop, which doen´t exist anymore was enormous.


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photo: wj Examples of the Bitiote Dah workshop.


photo: wj Binate Kambou with with a sculpture of Bimtiote Dah;

Lit.: The asymmetry in the work of Bimtiote Dah; Bim's weakness; die Sammliúng Greschik.

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Height: 68 cm / 70 cm
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