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A large, male Senufo sculpture

A large, male Senufo sculpture

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A large, male Senufo sculpture, standing on a cylindrical base related to the well-known Rhythm Pounders, "Deblé", holding two dancing bells in its hands, on top of a circular shield with an x-shaped cross, pierced through, collected in the Diavala village, between Korhogo and Ferkessedougou, 20 km from the border of Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, heavy hard "Lenge" wood (not a Senari a Djula word), the right arm partly fragmentary, remnants of reddish and blueish pigments.

Deble arrangement wolfgang jaenicke gallery

photo: Deblé and Guardian sculptures during the Senufo exhibition in the Wolfgang Jaenicke Gallery, Berlin, the fourth sculpture from left is the high-aged Guardian sculpture surmounted with a circular panel, a rare example of the Northern Senufo style of the Ivory Coast.

4.600 - 5.600,- Euro

Height: 145 cm

Weight: 9,7 kg

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