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A large male sculpture of Kilite Noufé (1940 - 2013)

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A large male sculpture of Kilite Noufé (1940 - 2013) of slender form, the arms carved close to the uniform-like jacket which has a stand-up collar and epaulettes, the hands rest flat on the uniform trousers, the cap looks like the headgear of a French "Flic", the figure has a military short haircut, the expression in the young-looking face appears self-confident and calm, the small mouth has the same width as the straight nose, the semicircular eyes are arched by evenly curved brows, both are painted black; reddish to ochre karite wood, remnants of kaolin, signs of age and ritual use.

In interviews I did with Kilite in the last five years before his death, I asked him several times: "Why do the male figures you carve always have this "colon look" even though the time of colonisation is more than 50 years ago?" His answer: "My sculptures have nothing to do with the time of colonisation. Since independence, Africans look the way I carve them. They are Africans and not Europeans." "So they are not so-called "colon" sculptures? "Yes, it's true, all my male sculptures have nothing to do with the colonisation period. I carve Africans."

Kilite Noufe

800 - 900,- Euro

Height: 93 cm
Weight: 7,6 kg