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A fragmentary female Lobi sculpture

A fragmentary female Lobi sculpture

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A fragmentary female Lobi sculpture with a slender torso, arms carved close to the body, a globular neck surmounted by a head of the same shape, a three-parted headdress, partly encircled eyes, framed by horseshoe-like ears, a prominent triangular nose and small pointed mouth, extremely heavy hardwood, which is the consequence of an oxidation process of many decades, also called "ironwood". A large age crack at the left side of the sculpture. Remnants of encrustations, which could be a long-lasting sacrification period.

This sculpture was posted on the same shrine as a sculpture we sold recently and is known as a "Lobi-figure with glasses".

Published in Keller/Katsouros, Lobi Statuary, "Lobi with Glasses", 2014, page 63.

3.600 - 4.200,- Euro

Height: 60 cm

Weight: 3,2 kg

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