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A fragmentary Dogon horseman

A fragmentary Dogon horseman

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A fragmentary Dogon horseman of the N'Duleri region, the long-lasting tradition of this well-known workshop has created different stylistic variants.

N’Duleri : Elegance and refinement.

The oldest known statues in the N’duleri style date back to the 16th century, and continued until the 20th century. In this region, less arid and thus more hospitable, descendants of the Djennenke developed a veritable civilization leading to the creation of a refined sculptural tradition. Several old Djennenke statues were discovered in this area, which had probably been hidden when the Djennenke fled the Songhai invaders: the large 10th-century statue presented at the end of this exhibition was thus found in Tanga, to the west of the N’duleri region. The influence of Djennenke statuary is traceable in more recent pieces, especially in clothing, such as embroidered loincloths, and the raised square scarification pattern. However, other sculptors from N’duleri have strayed from this original model. In these cases, the figures do not wear loincloths and scarification is less obvious. Characters are portrayed with a realism that is specific to the Djennenke statuary, yet more elegant, larger, and with more supple forms. This style is particularly distinguished by the close-set eyes of the figures...source Museé Quai Branly, Dogon exhibition, 2011 1.2.

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