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A female Urhobo statue

A female Urhobo statue

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A female Urhobo statue, Nigeria, rising from a fragmentary base, sitting upright and rigid on a one-legged stool, strong legs leading to a prominent buttock, slender torso with accentuated navel and deep vertical scarification marks, a necklace with amulet resting on the bulging breast rounded shoulders leading to angled arms, each decorated with a large bracelet, the long cylindrical neck supporting an elongated head with a heart-shaped facial plane, a protruding open mouth with a row of teeth, on the broad forehead some deep vertical scarification marks, on the back of the head a ponytail, with a round hat, the whole sculpture is carved from one single piece of very hard, heavy wood, traces of white kaolin, signs of age and use, several cracks, the feet are broken off.

Lit.: Perkins Foss, "Urhobo Statuary for Spirits and Ancestors", African Arts, July 1976, Vol. IX, No. 4, p. 18; Jean-Baptiste Bacquart: The Tribal Arts of Afric', p. 93, fig. 8.

5.000,- Euro

Height: 90 cm

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