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A female Tikar sculpture

A female Tikar sculpture

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A female Tikar bronze sculpture, east Cameroun, standing on her two large feet, knees slightly bent, large rounded hips, and a thin elongated torso with a protruding navel, she holds the head of two children that grasp her breasts and are sitting on both sides of her hips, the third child is hitting on her back grasping her shoulders. Her arms are thick compared to theirs which are very thin, her cylindric neck is long and holds a small rounded head at its extremity, which has interesting features, a large mouth, flared nose and bulbous eyes, the children have the same features; hols in the knees, hips and neck, signs of use.

“There is a high degree of cultural homogeneity among the six Tikar kingdoms. They share similar institutions, systems and beliefs and social organization |…| It is extremely hard to penetrate the precolonial history. Traditions are remembered in terms of individuals of the roads lineage and events are treated as moral issues, generally, disputes between kings and princes.”

Source: Who are the Tikar Now?, David Price Paideuma: Mitteilungen zur Kulturkunde, Bd. 25 (1979), pp. 89-98

Height: 45 cm
Weight: 5.5 Kg

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