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A female Kala (Bamana) sculpture

A female Kala (Bamana) sculpture

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A female Kala (Bamana) sculpture of the Saro region, standing on block-shaped feet, slightly bent legs, the torso with a protruding abdomen, the enormous breasts globular, the arms close to the body, the hands swept backwards in the typical manner of most of the Kala figures, the columnar neck supporting an ovoid head with a domed three and not four-parted (!) coiffure, a small pointed mouth, beneath a slender nose, framed by metal eyes, scarification-patterns at head and torso; blackened sacrification-patina. Similar to the Gwandusu this Jonyeleni sculpture was ritually used every seven years. A high-aged, excellent work of the Bamana-Kala region. A similar sculpture we collected several years before, but from the opposite side of the Niger River. Both statues belong to the same family, who are living in different parts of the Bamana country. It is the first time we have found such a peculiarity: The same sculpture with a different hairstyle. This sculpture is coming from an old African collection and was purchased from the Antique Gallery of the Donwahi Foundation, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.



Our piroge in Segou, with which passed many times the Niger. on the other side of the river, about 60 km downwards is the Saro region located. Aguibou is preparing the small boat for a tour together with the noble man healer and devil, Daba Diarra, our guide in the Bamana country.. photo wj.


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Height:  79 cm

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