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A Dogon couple

A Dogon couple

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A Dogon couple, Southern Falaise, Mali, both standing on circular bases with bent legs, the torsi divided into several folds and zig-zag compartments, the zig-zag idea runs from top to bottom through the entire bodies, the arms adorned with bracelets are long and thin, the heads sit directly on the torsi without a neck, the mouth is drawn long forward, nose and eyes are small in contrast to the huge C-shaped ears, an Iroquois-like hairstyle in the middle of the calotte; a thick, partly black encrusted sacrification patina with signs of age.

Lit.: M. Griaule, Conversations with Ogotemmeli: Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas, Galaxy Books, Oxford University Press, 1976. M. Griauleand, G. Dieterlen, Le renard pâle ("The Pale Fox"), Le mythe cosmogonique, Vol. 1, Paris, 1965. D. Roberts, Mali's Dogon People. National Geographic, Vol. 178, No. 4, October 1990. General History of Africa, Vols. I and II, Heinemann/UNESCO, 1981. van Beek, Walter E. A., Dogon Restudied: A Field Evaluation of the Work of Marcel Griaule. Current Anthropology. 32: 139–167. Calame-Griaule, Genevieve, On the Dogon Restudied. Current Anthropology. 32 (5): 575–577.

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