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A crowned head of Lajuwa in the Ife style

A crowned head of Lajuwa in the Ife style

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A crowned head of Lajuwa, Ife style, who seized the throne of Ife after the death of Oni Aworo-kolokin. Encrusted oxidised patina of different layers, several small holes on the right temple and close to the ear, incl.certificate of origin and provenance.

In Nigeria's National Museum in Lagos we find a terra-cotta head which is called “Lajuwa” Head, found in the Ife Palace, Ile-Ife, 12th - 15th century. „ The head ... was said to have been kept in the king’s palace. It is called Lajuwa, who is remembered as the usurper who became king when Oni Aworokolokin died (Eyo and Willett 1980, p.103).

Lajuwa, Art of Ife, National Museum Lagos, 1955

Lajuwa, Art of Ife (last photo), National Museum Lagos, 1955, Probably its represents the same person.

Description: The portrait is of a relative youthful man. It is calm and dignified with the mouth shut. It is particularly engaging - in quality and appearance, and with deep serenity. Art-historical importance of this piece lies in its highly developed and distinctive sculptural style, in the tension between realism and abstraction. On one side it is naturalistic, portraitlike and on the other side it's classical and timeless. It is an idealized naturalism.
The work is characterized by the typical Ife style features: The corners of the upper eyelids hang over those of the lower ones. Around the lips is an accented edge. There are grooves around the neck.
Condition report: Our bronze is produced in the lost wax casting method. It has two holes in the neck, one left and one right, most likely to fix the head on a wooden post. The head wears the crown by an Ife Ono.

Height: 38 cm
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