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A chalk and charcoal work by Irena Klonek

A chalk and charcoal work by Irena Klonek

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A compelling sketch by Irena Klonek, expertly crafted with chalk and charcoal on white thin paper. This still-life study captures the bottom view of a saddle, with a focal point on the gullet and panels. The predominant color of black creates a rich and dramatic atmosphere.

The saddle, depicted with a bold hachure, showcases the texture and form with a skilled hand. The dark shades emphasize the contours and details of the saddle, while the direction of the hachure strategically applied adds highlights and depth. The gullet and panels takes center stage, rendered with the same dark hachure in black. With the contrast of dark and light enhancing the visual interest, one is lost in the shapes of this saddle. Coming next to it is a draped piece of fabric. The white thin paper serves as an excellent backdrop, allowing the dark and light elements to stand out vividly.

Irena Klonek's skillful use of chalk and charcoal on paper creates a striking still-life study, inviting viewers to appreciate the intricate details of the saddle and stirrup. The contrast between the dark hachure and touches of white adds a dynamic quality to the composition, making it a captivating piece of art.

Dimensions: 75 cm x 78 cm

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