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A captivating work by Irena Klonek

A captivating work by Irena Klonek

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A captivating sketch/painting by Irena Klonek, skillfully created with gouache paint on grey paper. This still-life study portrays a saddle as its main subject, with a vivid interplay of colours and intricate details.

The saddle takes on a prominent role, featuring main colours in shades of purple, violet, lilac (light purple), white, and touches of dark blue. Irena Klonek's artistry shines through the meticulous rendering, capturing the texture and form of the saddle with a blend of soft and vibrant hues. A close-up of a stirrup, painted in colours of grey, black, and blue, is tied up with a stirrup leather in shades of pink, red, and purple. The combination of these colours adds a dynamic contrast to the overall composition, drawing attention to the equestrian elements. Resting on top of the saddle is a red and white life belt, introducing a new set of colours that stand out against the saddle. The life belt becomes a visually striking addition, breaking the colour scheme and adding a touch of dynamism to the composition. The background, presented in solid white, provides a clean and crisp setting for the still-life arrangement. Notably, some dried white dribbles can be observed on the upper right side, adding an element of spontaneity and visual interest.

Irena Klonek's use of gouache on grey paper lends a unique character to this still-life study, inviting viewers to appreciate the harmonious blend of colours, the attention to detail in the saddle and stirrup, and the dynamic composition created by the unexpected addition of the red and white life belt.

Irena Klonek studied art at Universität der Kunste Berlin.

Dimensions: 99 cm x 75 cm

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