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A big female Igbo Alusi Statue

A big female Igbo Alusi Statue

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A big female Igbo Alusi Statue, Alusi are called protective deities of the Igbo, spirits that serve as protectors of a particular person, place, gender or profession, according to the Igbo understanding, Alusi are the children or representatives of the high god Chuku. Sometimes depicted as life-size wooden figures, their powers bring about good or destruction. Housed in elaborate enclosures, they are used for rituals. The largest figures in the shrine are “married couples”, male and female large figures, and smaller figures represent children, this figure, made of Iroko wood, the figure stands in frontal position on heavy feet in non-naturalistic form, legs slightly spread, arms symmetrically arranged to the sides, free from the torso, forearms stretched forward, open hands with palms facing the sky, elongated neck with the head sitting on top, very straight chin line with the mouth facing forward, Ichi scarification deeply incised on the temples and forehead, repeated application of chalk or redwood causes encrustation of the surface.

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Height: 110 cm
Weight: 7,9 kg

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