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A Bamana Maternity

A Bamana Maternity

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A Bamana maternity from the region of Tumakoro village, Kuruma region, 80 km from Segou town. Two of the three children accompanying her are each holding on to one of her legs. An ornate loincloth covers her genitals, with a protruding navel above; on her back she carries her third child, who wraps her arms and legs around her body, the stepped voluptuous chest merging into the shoulder and ringed arms leading to the bowl worn on her head. An amulet with ornament at the base of the neck, long neck, head flattened at the chin, protruding lips, narrow, slightly curved nose, expression of the eyes not elaborated, the coiffure consists of two plaits ending at the front of the chest and a long one leading down to the back and up to the mohawk-like headgear, a pad at the top between the coiffure and the bowl; brownish patina with sections of lighter colour; Provenance Mohamed Belo Garba.

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Height: 90 cm
Weight: 10,7 kg

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