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A large remarkable Mumuye

A large remarkable Mumuye

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A large remarkable Mumuye standing upright, the navel protruding, an expressive finely carved face, a metal ring in at the neck; a thick sacrificial patina, some age cracks and insect damage, signs of age and use.

"In art-loving and art-historical circles, the name Mumuye is currently associated with a stunning corpus of figure sculptures and, to a lesser extent, with a wide variety of masks. (...) They marveled at the daringly modern, reductive interpretation of the human body that in many ways recalls the approach to anatomy adopted by artists of the Cubist and Expressionist movements in the early twentieth century. Today, almost fifty years after their sudden appearance in the European and American capitals of African art, Mumuye figure sculptures rank among the most cherished of sub-Saharan Africa."

Lit.: Frank Herreman and Constantine Petridis: The Discovery of Mumuye Art. In: Frank Herreman: Mumuye: Sculpture from Nigeria. The Human Figure Reinvented, Milan 2016.
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