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An Ewe Venavi couple

An Ewe Venavi couple

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An Ewe Venavi couple, standing on their feet which are painted black as is their hair, straight legs, thin arms ,long hands, the little faces very expressive and beautifully carved, the mouth slightly open, the lips of the male figure have remnants of red colouring, the lips of the female figure have minimal remnants of red colouring, a broad nose, the eyes marked with a black painted dot, fine arched eyebrows painted black, big ears, the female figure wears a necklace with beads and cowries; light wood, some age cracks, signs of use. Certificate of providence.

These beautiful figures were used for the cult of the twins. Coming closer to Yoruba beliefs, the Ewe, on the death of a twin, had a statuette carved in his or her likeness and looked after it like a living child.

"The Ewe, who live in southern Togo and Ghana are the eastern neighbors of Asante. They are probably best known for their textiles and also for small wooden dolls called "venovi" or "venavi" which are used like the Yoruba people in Nigeria used Ibeji twin figurines, for protection of survivor after death of a twin. Some scholars state that they are also used as children's dolls as well as sometimes used as fertility dolls by women who keep these dolls under their mattresses or were worn under the skirts of young women to ensure fertility. Scarifications and added clothing and strings of beads reveal family and clan religious and social affiliations." Source: ISN'T S/HE A DOLL.



Height: 19 cm / 20 cm
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