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A Yaure Mask

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A Yaure Mask, from the region Bouaflé, oval form, the rim with zigzag patterns like it´s typical for the Yaure and surmounted with a Kalao bird sitting on a kind of stool; blackened, partly shiny patina.

Lit.: Alain- Michel Boyer: Baule, Milano, 2008. Susan Mullin Vogel, Baule: African Art Western Eyes. In: African Arts, Vol. 30, No. 4, Special Issue, Part 2, Autumn, 1997. Bernard de Grunne: Über den Baule-Stil und seine Meister. In: Eberhard Fischer/Lorenz Homberger: Afrikanische Meister. Kunst der Elfenbeinküste, Zurüch 2014.

600 - 700,- Euro

Height: 35 cm

Weight: 1 kg