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A Senufo couple

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A Senufo Rhythm Pounder or probably Guardian Sculpture couple, poropi:ibele, from the village Boundiali, from the thighs upwards standing on small cylindrical bases, the elongated arms of both bent at the wrists in an inorganic angle and resting on the thighs, a very slender body, especially the female which also has tapering small breasts, the male statue with accentuated genitalia and carrying most probably a sword, the necks are supporting impressive heads, different pendants hanging around the necks, the hairstyle consists of a crest in the middle with two little tails hanging on the forehead, a ponytail-like curl on each side and a smaller one at the nape; a light-brown patina, significant traces of age and use. Provenance Mr Diakite.

Height: 102 cm / 103 cm

Weight: 5,4 kg / 3,9 kg