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A Bamana female Dousouba statuette

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A Bamana female Dousouba statuette from the village of Kamiki, Saro (Massadougou) region, with big feet, short legs, a very thin torso, long straight arms and little hands, the tiny breasts sit close to the clavicula, three bands stretch across the chest and meet in the middle, similar to ribs attached to the sternum, though here these are attached to the upper arms, eyes and ears are indicated as hollows, the lipless mouth shows the bared teeth; a heavy encrusted and oxidized sacrificial patina.

The Doussouba is a figure who, before the actual performance of the 12 classical Bamana figures, "checks" those present to see if they are up to "evil". If the figure finds out that there are "evil-minded persons" among those present, sacrifices must be made to her (and her husband, who has the same function) so that the performance and the sacrifice for the 12 main Bamana figures can take place without harm. The persons causing harm must leave the place of the ritual by themselves at the moment of the offering and everyone knows, thanks to the dousouba, who they are.

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Height: 64 cm
Weight: 3,4 kg