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A male Lobi sculpture

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A male Lobi sculpture from the Some Binlare workshop, highly abstracted in typical style, probably carved by one of his sons, standing on wedge-shaped feet, short legs, an elongated torso, the arms carved close to the body in openwork, the shoulders almost rectangular, the short neck crowned by a spherical "child's head" (some collectors call this carver/workshop "the carver with the children's heads"); heavy, hardwood, showing signs of age and use with some cracks on the legs and the head.
Other Sculptures of this workshop, which was founded by Some Binlare, Gongonbili, Agnes Pataux, Coeur blanc - Ventre blanc, 2010, S. 40, Jeschke/van Vliet, Berlin 28.1.2012, Nr. 3; Lobi, Greschik-Catalogue, S. 82

"It has been often noted how Lobi sculptures from the same workshop and district appear on the western market, (and now on the internet ) in waves from Africa and then disappears into storerooms and collections for years or decades. There may have been other examples to arrive in Europe before 2007, from Binlares workshop but the first "wave" appeared in Segovia, Spain, and Berlin, Germany, after that date. Since that time the largest number (around 80 sculptures ) have been photographed and documented by Tribalartforum, this includes some research into this Family workshop and an interview with Lupite Pale (born 1938) about his father Some Binlare, who died in 1981 and is said to be the originator of this sculpting dynasty.

Since then Tribalartforum has posted an interesting chart of Sculpture profiles, which is of considerable interest because it is unusual for such a high number of large sculptures to be collected together in one place long enough for anyone to make comparisons and analyses. There was a small amount of scepticism and suspicion on the arrival of such a large number of these sculptures within the Lobi collecting community habituated to the usual "Classic textbook styles", but on the other hand, enthusiasm and interest from people outside that circle. Recently the publication of a book of photos by Agnès Pataux, Coeur blanc - Ventr blanc, fétishes et féticheurs, 2010 including two showing Lobi shrines with Binlare workshop sculptures (page 40,41) in context and the Jeschke/van Vliet-auction of a large sculpture in Berlin has increased a little more attention for what some collectors might consider "Decadent" Lobi sculptures.


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Height: 109 cm
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