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A male Lobi sculpture

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A male Lobi sculpture of the workshop around Some Binlare; this beautiful sculpture once again shows the high art of the "simple", abstract, transposition of human physiognomy inherent in Lobi art, out of which an amazing elegance becomes visible.

Some Binlarè died in 1980 or 1981 near Gongonbili, southwest of Gaoua. The first sculptures of this carver or his circumstances were discovered in 2007. At that time we collected the first five sculptures and this year another eleven statues. Five of the recently discovered statues were acquired directly from his son, Loupité Pale. A height of more than one metre; encrusted with blood acidification. Only one fragmentary sculpture by this carver was discovered by a Spanish art dealer a few months before we were able to collect this large number of specimens. In March 2008, we were able to identify the carver and his circumstances through his family: "Now we have collected more than 70 specimens. It is strange that a carver of this quality was "discovered" so late, although some of these works of art - judging by the encrusted patina and the condition of the wood - are probably very old. I suspect the reason for this here: The style of this carver/workshop is not typical of the lobi figures established in Western collections.

600 - 800,- Euro

Height: 65 cm

Weight: 2,8 kg