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A male Lobi figure, Bateba

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A male Lobi figure, Bateba, standing in a slightly forwards bent and tilted position, on wedge-like feet, the legs leading to angular buttocks, a tapering toros with triangular pendant breasts, rectangular sloping shoulders leading to elongated bent arms carved close to the body, resting on the abdomen, the conical neck supporting a large oval head with a protruding lower jaw, a pointed mouth beneath a triangular nose leading to high arched brows, large protruding coffee bean eyes, hemispherical ears with embedded triangles; heavy, hardwood, encrusted brown aged patina with traces of blood encrustations and remains of chicken-feathers, several cracks.

Lit: Daniela Bognolo: Lobi. Visions of Africa, 2007 Milan; Floros & Sigrid Katsouros/Stephan und Petra Herkenhoff: Anonyme Schnitzer der Lobi, Hannover 2006; Piet Meyer: Kunst und Religion der Lobi, Zürich 1981; Galerie Flak: Magie Lobi, Paris 2003; Floros Katsouros: Lobi - Figuren, chefs d'oeuvre und Kultobjekte, Hannover 2013; Kat. Ausst.: Lobi. Westafrikanische Skulpturen aus der Sammlung Greschik, anlässlich der Ausstellung „Die Entdeckung des Individuums“, Lutherstadt Wittenberg 2016, Berlin 2016.

Height: 63 cm

Weight: 3.9 kg