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A male Baule sculpture

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A male Baule sculpture from the region Daoukro, Ivory Coast, posted on a fragmentary base, standing on muscular slightly bent legs, prominent buttocks, accentuated genitals, a slender torso with a pointed navel, rounded shoulders leading to arms carved close to the body, holding a spear in its right hand, the left hand touching the elongated braided goatee, the torso is decorated with scarification marks on the front and the backside, the shoulder-blades pronounced, notched back line, the cylindrical neck supporting an ovoid head with a protruding narrow-lipped slightly open mouth, the slightly curved nose leading to high arched brows, almond-shaped eyes, hemispherical ears, further scarification marks on the cheeks, temples, on the forehead and on the neck, wearing a striated cap-like coiffure with vertical ornaments; heavy encrusted blackened patina, signs of age and ritual use, several cracks, incl. stand. Provenance M.Cabinet, Ivory Coast.

Lit.: Susan M. Vogel: Baule: African Art Western Eye, 1997; Bernard de Grunne: Über den Baule-Stil und seine Meister. In: Eberhard Fischer/Lorenz Homberger: Afrikanische Meister. Kunst der Elfenbeinküste, Zurüch 2014, p. 81-106; Alain-Michel Boyer: Baule. Visions of Africa, Milan 2008.

700 - 800,- Euro

Height: 43 cm
Weight: 1 kg (incl. stand)