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A Konkomba or Kousasse sculpture

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A Konkomba or Kousasse sculpture, of weathered condition. Northern Togo, Northern Ghana, according to the information in situ this is a Konkomba-figure, but in Lit. these sculptures are also subsumed to the Koussase, both tribes living close together. This is another reason why verified subsumption is difficult.

"The Konkomba or Kusasse are a people in northern Ghana and Togo, which are also called Kon, Komba, Kpankpam or Bikpakpaln. The Konkomba call themselves Bikpakpaln and their language Likpakpaln. In Ghana live between 500,000 and 535,000 Konkomba on the northeast border in the area around Guerin in the Yendi District. Various ethnic groups are spread throughout Ghana's central north. Togo has between 50,100 and 78,000 concombos. The Konkomba live in Togo in the Kara region, north of Kabou on the border with Ghana. A settlement focus can be found in the villages Guérin-Kouka, Nawaré and Kidjaloum. Her native language is the Konkomba." Source Wikipedia.

The distinction between the sculptural work of Kusasse and Konkomba is controversial.


Konkomba around 1940, unknown photographer.

400 - 500,-Euro

Height: 51 cm

Weight: 850 g