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A highly expressive Egbado Ibeji couple

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A highly expressive Egbado Ibeji couple from Igan Okoto on square and high bases, short legs, the carved backbone well emphasized, the genitalia emphasized, the navel carved, the chest well emphasized, the breasts pointed and protruding, the gluteae are pointy, the female Ibeji has scarification marks in the form of small triangles in the pubic area, the hands are joined to the body nearly at the height of the hips with the tips of the four fingers completely bent upwards, the thumbs are very short and point straight downwards, the broad tip of the nose has the same width as the mouth, three horizontal scarification marks on each cheek, the eyes are semicircular, bordered all around with bulging upper lids, the ears have a special form (remember of Ijebu Ibeji), the forehead is low and round, the hair-style is crested and the same for the male and the female; the hair is colored with reckitt and has taken on a velvety patina through manifold touching and colouring, remains of camwood, a crack in each base. Rarity grade according to Polo/David: scarce.

Lit: Fausto Polo, Jean David, Catalogue of the Ibeji, 2001, description type A 110. Fausto Polo, Enzyklopädie der Ibeji, 2008, 176, 178. Mareidi und Gert Stoll, Ibeji. Zwillingsfiguren der Yoruba, 1980.

550 – 650,- Euro

Height: 31 cm / 31 cm
Weight: 280 g / 320 g