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A female rhythm pounder (Déblé)

A female rhythm pounder (Déblé)

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A female rhythm pounder (Déblé), Ivory Coast, from the Bougouni region, about 100 km west of Korhogo, these big pounders, of which we have been able to collect some in the last few years, are unlike the Korhogo style and the Senufo pounders from the border region of Mali and Ivory Coast. These impressive large figures are characterized by a certain "baroque" style, which is expressed in the hairstyle, the scarification and the facial features. Sculptures of this Senufo style are rarer than those mentioned above and rarely come onto the international market; the sculpture has a beautiful touch patina on the arms and the swan-shaped neck; hardwood, several cracks, the touch patina indicates age and long-lasting ritual use.

Height: 137 cm

Weight: 8,6 kg

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