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A female Lobi statue

A female Lobi statue

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A female Lobi statue from the village Bonko, 8 km from Gaoua, standing on small feet, anatomically formed legs, the abdomen slightly arched, very thin arms with small hands, pointed small breasts, on a stocky neck an almost round head with a broad but thin mouth, small nose and crescent-shaped closed eyes, the coiffure is cap-like; a damage in the genital area, several fine age cracks, dark stain caused by the sacrifice with blood.

Lit.: Lit: Daniela Bognolo: Lobi. Visions of Africa, 2007 Milan; Floros & Sigrid Katsouros/Stephan und Petra Herkenhoff: Anonyme Schnitzer der Lobi, Hannover 2006; Piet Meyer: Kunst und Religion der Lobi, Zürich 1981; Galerie Flak: Magie Lobi, Paris 2003; Floros Katsouros: Lobi - Figuren, chefs d'oeuvre und Kultobjekte, Hannover 2013; Kat. Ausst.: Lobi. Westafrikanische Skulpturen aus der Sammlung Greschik, anlässlich der Ausstellung „Die Entdeckung des Individuums“, 2016. Giovanni Franco Scanzi, Lobi Traditional Art, 1993.

Height: 80 cm
Weight: 7,3 kg

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