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A female Lobi sculpture

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A female Lobi Sculpture of Sib Koukouré, heavy hard, Sankolo wood.

According to Daniela Bognolo Sib Koukouré isn't alive anymore (1955 - 2003 -Visions of Africa, Lobi, 2007; 59) but we found him still going strong in Latara and he gave us detailed pieces of information about Palé Nifouthé, who died in 1966 at the age of about 70 years old.

Lit.: Wolfgang Jaenicke, A carving session with Sib Koukoure, Lit.: Wolfgang Jaenicke, A head stake of Koukoure, Wolfgang Jaenicke, A head stake of Koukoure.

1.000 - 1.200,- Euro

Height: 68 cm
Weight: 4,0 kg