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A female Baule sculpture

A female Baule sculpture

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A female Baule sculpture of a slave from the Sakasso region, about 60 km from Bouaké, posted on a rectangular, rounded base, scarification patterns all over the figure, the hands bounded at the back. 

* The Blolo Blan/Bian-cult is not an Ancestor-cult. It seems to be something which is close to that inner world, that Jung is describing when he invented his theory of "anima and animus". For me, it´s always fascinating to compare the intellectual view of western science with the spiritual experiences of African cults.

Nguessan: If you had two girlfriends and one had a blolo bian and the other didn´t, which would you take to marry? 

Old Man: If the two liked me, I would marry them both.

Nguessan: No! You have to choose one.

Old Man: I would take the one who did not have a blolo bian.

Nguessan: Why?

Old Man: Because of the arguments?

Nguessan: What arguments? 

Old Man: Instead of having a rival, I would rather take the one who had none. That way we would be equals (since I have no spirit wife).

(Boreakpokro, Agba region, 1994) Baule Art Western Eyes, Susan Vogel, New Haven, Yale University Press 1997.  
3.200 - 3.600,- Euro

Height: 58 cm
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